Product information: “Airpower R1”

Upper material: Smooth leather

Fastener: Zipper, lace-up

Waterproof: Yes

Product type: Factory firsts

Safety toe: Steel Toe

Leg height in inches: 8 inches

Inner liner: CROSSTECH

Certification: NFPA 1999-2013, ASTM F 2413-2011, CAN/CSA-Z195-2014

Color: black Double Duty Boots for Comfort and Protection

For a paramedic, the majority of your shift is spent wearing station gear. Having the right boot will make for happier feet and a happier work life. Not only do you need footwear that will keep you comfortable, but you need to have a pair of boots that will keep you protected from the many safety hazards you can encounter out on a call. HAIX Airpower R1 does double duty by offering all day comfort and all day protection. It’s NFPA certified for station and EMS making it an ideal dual purpose boot. Arch Support and Laced in Zipper System

The Airpower R1 is made with built in support for the arch which is the area that often takes the brunt of the pressure after prolonged periods of standing. The cushioned insole enhances this even more by making your feet feel comfortable, preventing foot pain and possible foot problems in the future. And with an anatomically correct steel toe, your toes get enough movement without getting pinched or cramped.

For a more personal fit, the laced in zipper system lets you adjust the lacing allowing you to easily put the boot on and take it off whenever needed. Because on the job, seconds matter. European Leather for Maximum Durability

The Airpower R1 is made of European leather assuring long lasting durability in your boots. The specially developed rubber sole helps keep the boots slip resistant, heat resistant, and oil and fuel resistant. And with the embedded steel puncture plate, your feet are protected from potential puncture hazards. Offering the best puncture protection on the market, it’s so than and comfortable you won’t even know it’s there.

Quick Drying Insoles and Extreme Slip Resistance

The HAIX Airpower R1 soles can grip well and resist slippage when exposed to water and oil. Whether you’re on duty running on hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring, your boots are guaranteed to grab hold. The perfect fit insoles are made from extremely absorbent material with quick drying capabilities. Once they’re washed, just hang them overnight and they’ll be ready to wear the next day. Waterproof and CROSSTECH® Protected

In addition to being waterproof and breathable, the HAIX Airpower R1 is also resistant to chemical and bloodborne pathogens. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re on emergency EMS call or medical duty, the HAIX Airpower R1 is guaranteed to protect your feet from water and even dangerous liquid substances. And with the HAIX climate system, your feet are able to maintain a balanced temperature.

When you want a solid boot with proven comfort and protection, HAIX Airpower R1 is the perfect choice.

• Classifications: NFPA, CAN/CSA-Z195, ASTM

• Secura Liner®


• Sun Reflect Bull Leather

• Made in EU