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RNR NFPA Trident Series Throw Bag

RNR NFPA Trident Series Throw Bag

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RNR NFPA Trident Series Throw Bag with 10mm NFPA Water Rescue Rope.

Rock-N-Rescue NFPA Trident Series Throw Bags are used anywhere the potential for a water-related emergency exists, such as swimming pools, white water rafting, boating or any related sport. Throw bags are a superior alternative to heaving lines and ring buoys as bags can be thrown further and with greater accuracy. Our bags do the job better, quicker and more efficiently than any of the previously mentioned methods.


  • Rope: 10mm NFPA Water Rescue Rope.
  • Weight:
    • 50 ft. - 19 oz.
    • 75 ft. - 30 oz.
    • 100 ft. - 40 oz.
  • Made in the USA